Custom carton boxes

Do you want boxes with special measures, customized and cheaper than what is on the market?

Special carton boxes, removable or self-assembled silicon boxes, boxes with special interiors, triangular tubes, discs and reels, and many others, all with the possibility of printing with your company's brand.

Screen printed in full color with the corporate image of your brand in carton boxes that carry your products, are one of the best advertising for your company.

Would you like to have custom boxes with the corporate image of your company?

Customizing your packaging allows you to further expose your brand during transportation and warehousing processes while helping to distinguish your products from wholesaler stores.

Our personalized boxes are made in carton of high quality and resistance. We make any type of box.

We analyze the needs of your company and manufacture your packaging completely personalized.

A properly packaged product, without stacking faults and the properly printed mark offers consumer assurances that the manufacturer cares about the quality.

When opening a newly purchased product is important to the impression of its customer, so there is nothing better that the packaging is something attractive that stays in your memory, and in many cases even in their daily use, allowing your brand is in the of their consumers.

Using custom boxes helps you generate more impact from your brand on your customers.

In addition to protecting during transportation, we are aware that a good design improves the possibility of selling your products and improves the image of your brand. That is why we have a technical department of professionals with great experience that will help you to solve your doubts when packing new products.

Our specialists offer you the best solution, and take care of everything.

Do you need help to customize your box?

We are specialists in packaging and packaging and we can advise on all those doubts that arose when personalizing your box with the name and logo of your company.
Tell us your needs and our team will offer you the best solution.


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Our main objective is the maximum satisfaction to the packaging needs of our customers, which is why Cartonajes Fx Sanmartí has a quality system UNE-EN-ISO 99001: 2000, certified by Applus EC-0323 / 99.
Our experience, besides the constant desire for innovation, allow us to help our customers with fast deliveries and of unbeatable quality.
Our technical team can advise you on any doubts that arise when packaging new products.

Immediate delivery

Our production capacity allows us to manufacture and deliver your order in a few days.

Large quantities

Our boxes are cheaper, we can offer factory prices because we are manufacturers.

Custom boxes

We personalize your packaging or carton with the image and brand of your company.

Cardboard boxes and boxes

Choose your product and request a quote without compromise.
Once the budget has been received, we contact the client to collect all the information necessary to carry out the packaging project.