How many people would like to save money while making a gesture to improve the environment of our planet?


1 Born in nature and back to nature.

With a raw material, the paper, which comes from a natural and renewable resource such as wood, are made of corrugated cardboard packaging 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Being an integrated and sustainable cycle, it is responsible with the environment: it is planted, cultivated, processed, used and recycled.

2 Help our planet.

The paper and paper industry is based on sustainable forest management. Thanks to modern forestry techniques, European forests have grown by 10%. Young forests, clean and controlled, have a lower risk of fire.

3 Sailing for the future of our children.

The paper industry contributes to avoiding climate change, because cultivated forests are efficient CO2 sinks. A single hectare of growing trees absorbs 20 tons of CO2 per year.

4 It is responsible for the natural and social environment.

The productive processes are efficient, clean and responsible. Thanks to the constant environmental investment, the growth in production does not generate an increase of the environmental impact. It also helps to protect the social environment by creating stable and qualified employment.

5 Custom design.

Each package is functional, practical and versatile. Able to adopt as many different shapes and sizes as the product requires, without wasting space in warehouses and trucks.

6 Has been, is and will continue to be world leader.

Corrugated packaging is the most used in the world, for all types of products.

7 Each product debuts box.

It is used only once, which translates into maximum quality, safety and hygiene. There is no risk of contamination of previous uses.

8 It is the best communication, information and image support.

Its ease and print quality make corrugated cardboard the best ally of traceability and the most effective marketing tool. It is the DNI of the product. Can be customized according to the needs of each client.

9 The most profitable option.

The total costs associated with the use of a single use corrugated carton are always less than that of a reusable carton.

10 Is everywhere.

On average, a consumer comes into contact with 10 or 20 different cartons of corrugated board each day.

11 Nothing is lost, everything is taken advantage of.

Number one in recycling. In Spain, five million tonnes of used paper and paperboard are recovered annually, equivalent to 50 large football stadiums. The already used paper and cardboard containers are converted, through the recycling, into secondary raw material. About 85% of the raw material used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes comes from recycling.

12 Maximum guarantee of protection.

The corrugated packaging, besides solid and very resistant, is light, easy to handle and transport, and allows a perfect stackability, optimizing the logistics. It can contain everything and nothing deforms it. The product always arrives in optimum conditions.

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